I wanted my bony bump removed…but a change to my nose that no one would really notice…

“It has now been 3 weeks since my operation so I think it is probably a good point to write my review now. I am 18, so my mum had some hesitations and concerns with me getting a cosmetic procedure, she helped arrange the logistics of the consultation, operation and one week check up with Mr Uppal’s assistant Sharon; as we live in Glasgow it involved some extra organising for flights, hotels etc. Because of this she has also wrote some words of her experience at the end.

I went to Mr Uppal for help after years of being unhappy with the shape of my nose. I had a bump on it and it squinted down to one-side. As soon as I met Mr Uppal I was put at ease and instantly felt comfortable about the whole thing. He was incredibly efficient, knowledgable and reassuring; advising that I would be able to contact him by phone 24/7 before the operation! An emphasis was put on the fact that we were not aiming for perfection but an improvement on my existing nose and I was given realistic expectations with the help of an edited picture of my front and profile view.

On the day of the operation I was put at ease and made comfortable for my short stay by the staff at The Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor. The operation went well and I flew home the next day with a cast covering my nose. I returned the next week to have this removed. Today, I have no bruising left, very limited swelling and in my opinion the perfect nose for my face.

I can’t thank Mr Uppal his team and everyone else involved enough. I know feel comfortable and more confident in my day to day life.

After much research for a rhinoplasty surgeon, we came across Mr Uppal who has been everything we expected, especially his honest approach and depth of knowledge regarding my sons operation and what realistic possibilities could be achieved. his P.A. Sharon was extremely reassuring with our many questions regarding our travelling from Scotland and helping us make all the appropriate arrangements which made our whole experience very smooth. Three weeks on and my sons nose is much improved in appearance much to his delight and confidence thank you to the whole team.

If you are considering a cosmetic procedure, we cannot recommend you highly enough to book a consultation with Mr Uppal.

Thanks again, Mauro and Lisa Mazzoni.”

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