We are pleased to launch the first ever course on Key-Hole Surgery of the nose. Mr Uppal and his team have refined this technique of Closed Rhinoplasty to achieve the best results from nose surgery. This approach to nose surgery uses artistic skills of sculpture using very small incisions made inside the nose such that there are no scars on the nose itself. It also reduces swelling of the nose and the recovery time is about 1-2 weeks.

Unlike the standard techniques is nose surgery where a scalpel is used to make a cut on the outside of the nose, this technique of closed rhinoplasty results in no scars on the nose whatsoever.

Mr Uppal and the team have refined this nose technique over the last 15 years and have over a thousand happy patients. We would therefore like to launch this course for young surgeons wanting to learn this complex technique for the benefit of their patients. Some knowledge of the Open Rhinoplasty technique is required to appreciate this course fully.

We welcome you to this course which will be held at the Royal Society of Medicine, Wimpole Street, London on Saturday 2nd November 2019.

Please contact us to register for the London Closed Rhinoplasty Course and reserve your place for £350. The reduced delegate rate of £250 is held till the 28th May 2019. 

As this is a learning event, surgeons on a SAC approved Plastic Surgery Training program can attend for a reduced fee of £150. Press and Patients are also welcome by prior arrangement with the office.