uppal team1We have been fortunate to have had the same team of doctors, nurses and office staff for many years.

The photo shows the team in the operating theatre including our Consultant Anaethetist, Dr Jill Pattison on the extreme right. The team members work together to ensure that you get the precision in surgery and safety that you would expect from us. The team include the operating theatre scrub sister, anaesthetic assistant and theatre nurses.


uppal team3Mr Uppal and his PA, Sharon Roberts, work hard to ensure that you get the best care possible. Our practice has a clear mission statement that outlines our philosophy. We Pledge to:

1. Provide you with the best care possible.This means the nurses, surgeons and secretarial staff will try and give you the best care they can so that you feel you are well looked after and all your questions are answered. We will return your calls and enquiries as soon as possible and aim to reply within 4 hours. Despite busy times, we pledge to respond within a maximum of 24 hours. Any urgent calls are answered immediately. The hospital and the surgeons are contactable in an emergency at all times 24/7.

2.You will receive the most up-to-date surgery. Mr Uppal and all the surgeons regularly attend international meeting to stay ahead of all the advances in Plastic Surgery. Mr Uppal is invited to speak at meetings regularly as part of his teaching program to pass on his techniques and share his years of experience with other surgeons. This ensures he too stays focused on constant improvement which ultimately benefits our patients. Mr Uppal and his team are careful only to offer you treatments that are genuinely proven to be effective. New fashions and trendy treatments that seem to be currently in vogue are not offered unless there is clear evidence to show effectiveness. This protects patients from the latest marketing gimmicks that some profit driven companies promote as the latest thing in plastic surgery.

3. Safety. Mr Uppal works in the NHS as a consultant which means that all his work and surgery is regularly scrutinised using audit and data analysis. Unlike purely private cosmetic surgeons, Mr Uppal has to meet stringent regulations set nationally by the government. To ensure that you have full confidence in us when you are put to sleep for your surgery using general anaesthetic, we only work with Dr Jill Pattison who is one of the most experienced anaesthetists in London. She has worked with Mr Uppal for many years and will ensure you make as quick a recovery as possible with minimal pain.

4. We will handle any complaints fairly and sensitively. We pride ourselves on our reputation for developing a lifelong bond with our patients. You will remember your surgeon, the nurses and the secretary for the rest of your life. uppal team2We want you to be happy and totally satisfied with every aspect of your care. This is why we ask all our patients to send us feedback on their experiences. In this way we are constantly improving our service to you. Over the years we have built up a wealth of experience in providing the best care possible and this has resulted in us having hundreds of happy patients. Rest assured however, if you are unhappy in any way we will listen to you and respond effectively to your concerns. You have the right to see the surgeon at anytime to discuss any issues – this can be hours after your surgery or years later. In the rare circumstance that there is any complication, we will look after you with extra care and attention. You will not be charged for this. Plastic surgery is as much art as it is science, especially as deep emotions are also involved. We therefore will offer revision surgery free of surgical costs, if you are unhappy with the results of your cosmetic surgery. We can’t make you perfect, but we can guarantee an improvement in the cosmetic aspects that you requested as long as they are reasonable and surgically achievable.